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    Planning Forward Requires Forward Thinking:  

   B R A E H E I D: (meaning) TOP of the HILL

Providing Private Client Wealth Services using only "Top of the Hill" portfolio managers including direct access to the longest running actively managed ETF Portfolio Manager in the WORLD.    





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BRAEHEID will answer this most important question in a most clear and concise manner possible for family portfolios, estates, trusts, foundations and group pensions.  Our results demonstrate the proven benefit our industry recognized approach to professional wealth management. 

Simply put, client-interests are served FIRST, providing clear answers, trustworthy advice and peace of mind to you and your organization.  



STEWARDSHIP.   Protection from downside risk during turbulent times is critical.  Let us show you the value of diversified portfolios, lower fees and tax efficiency with investment decisions made by Portfolio Managers (PM).  Actively managed strategies are delivered in separately managed accounts, aligning fiduciary investment responsibility with the client's interests.

PROTECTION.  Investors wanting to minimize downside risk can gain unique access to global markets and benefit from customized investment management strategies that reduce volatility while increasing quality.  

GROWTH.   Actively managed portfolios using ETFs are providing returns exceeding the index with less volatility than the world bond index.  Lower fees and tax advantages all contribute to the significant benefits for our clients.

Braeheid Management is an independent Private Client Wealth Services referring agent in Canada providing direct access to ETF Portfolio Management, global markets and financial consulting services to investors, advisors, pensions and foundations.

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