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Clients engage BRAEHEID for financial consulting and planning services, risk assessment, market education and to facilitate access to professional wealth management through Investment Counsel/ Portfolio Managers (ICPM) for family portfolios, estates, trusts and foundations. Where BRAEHEID manages the wealth services process, investment counselors manage the specific investment portfolios and associated trading advice; accountants implement tax advice and lawyers provide the legal advice.

BRAEHEID provides our unique Clients with personal meetings at the different managers, where they are educated on the managers' style, team, market expertise and fee structure. When assets are ultimately placed, it is by Referral only.  The licensed ICPMs provide the specific and independent discretionary investment advice relative to the clients' situation, needs and mandate per their individual KYC/Client Questionnaire and Investment Policy Statement.  As the client advocate, BRAEHEID maintains a neutral position regarding the investment portfolio manager, does not provide direction over any client accounts, and does not engage in the furtherance of any trade.

Clients of BRAEHEID open and maintain separately managed accounts where investment account assets are held in CLIENT NAME at an independent, third party custodian or trust who are members of IIROC AND is a member in good standing with the CIPF (Canadian Investor Protection Fund).  BRAEHEID does not require nor accept direct deposits from clients.  As the client advocate BRAEHEID only utilizes investment managers/firms where the assets are held in custody, in client name.  BDMC Mortgages FSCO#10102, the Broker of Record.

Investment account mandates are selected, verified, approved and managed by the clients' licensed PM(s) and managed via a discretionary trading account where ICPMs carry a fiduciary responsibility to invest on behalf of the clients' best interests can carry the associated liability.  Investment accounts are managed by dedicated third party institutional quality Portfolio Managers, who must be licensed and registered with the provincial or state securities and exchange commission, where the client resides. 

Where client life stages or financial situations change, upon notice BRAEHEID communicates these changes to the appropriate parties for notice, and specifically to investment managers for re-assessment of the KYC. 

BRAEHEID from time to time, may also refer clients to Charter Accountants (CA) for tax advice, or Trust and Estate Lawyers (LLB) for legal advice; Braeheid does not engage nor is expected to provide specific investment, legal or tax advice only to facilitate a complete and compliant Private Client Wealth Services experience.

Full Disclosure of fees, services and limitations are an operating practice and procedure at Braeheid.  BRAEHEID receives SERVICE trailing fees to manage clients referred to investment counsel; fees are disclosed to the client in writing as part of the account opening documents.

Particular investment or tax strategies are evaluated relative to each individual's objective and are implemented by a licensed professional such as a Chartered Accountant, Insurance Specialist, or a registered Portfolio Manager independent of BRAEHEID Management.

The content of BRAEHEID's website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide individual financial, tax, nor investment advice. Content provided is only intended for information purposes only.

Statements are based on material believed to be reliable, but are not guaranteed to be accurate or complete.

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